Working on the details

Are you completely fed up with the 5 simple steps to success?

And whilst there probably is 5 core steps there are LOADS of different steps in between

Plus there is a HUGE difference between simple and easy, if things were easy everyone would be successful.

NB for completeness I have 9 step to prepare for success  😊 honestly ask if you would like more information

Anyway, did you know that Jack Canfield identifies 64 steps to success.  I LOVE this, because this is TRUE.

There ARE loads of different steps in between the headline steps

So what are they?

You will know what they are for you

You know if you tweaked one thing you would have better results

You would have more confidence

You would speak up for yourself more

You will stop finding yourself putting yourself last on your priority list

Take one

One small detail and work on that

Make it a habit

Make it easy

Break it down into its smallest parts and start there

Make it a baby step

Make it fit into your day

Work on that detail

And then when that is the new normal for you, choose another

Keep going

They say the road to hell is paved with good intentions

Your road to success is paved by working on the details

I wish you every success

Love Karen xx

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