This is my availability for JUNE. You could be wanting to deal with sticky situation before the summer holidays or getting yourself ready to hit the ground running in June.

Most people want a situation to change and they want it to change NOW. They want a plan they can immediately implement, and they want actionable steps, they do not want any hippy woo woo.  They also don’t want to bother with an hour a week, they want to clear their desks and work on this situation yesterday! Half day intensive does just this, you leave with your plan firmly in place and support to start taking those actions.

Some people know they can do with some help, but it’s not that bad, they’d be quite happy to speak to an expert, but don’t want to waste their money, nor be left in the lurch. A single session gives you a safe space to talk, with an actions agreed plan, weekly email support and a short follow up after one month.

Some people are ready for the transformational work that not only helps them with their current situation, they never want to be in this situation again, they are ready to step up and make a change.  Total Support is just that, you get a session every week, access to all my trainings, workshops and materials, whatever you need, and most of all you can contact me whenever you need, because sometimes you just need to talk, take each situation. conversation, meeting and interaction one at a time.

Please don’t leave anything till the last minute if you have a situation you’ve been thinking of working on or sorting out for once and for all I like to book my calendar out a month in advance, so the time is now if you are ready to get started 😊 I just need to take deposits to get your personal time allocated.

If you’ve stopped to look at this post but no idea what working with me would be like, simply get in touch and let’s talk, by phone, skype, email or text, whatever works for you best.  It’s time for your very own bespoke programme regardless of package you decide.

If you would like to book in a FREE Coffee with Karen to discuss your situation, gain some clarity on how I can help and get ready to review your bespoke programme, book in a day and time that suits you on my calendar here …⁣

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