Karen, I’ve seen your post recently and they are all about bullying, how does a dream board fit into that?

Excellent question 😊

Dream boards have healing qualities, well a dream board does, not a mood board, more about that in another post 😊

Whatever your difficult situation (and you may want a dream board without having a difficult situation which is fabulous) first you STOP the situation getting worse, then you PREVENT it hurting you and happening again, thirdly you HEAL from your experience,  and this is where dream boards are healing powers begin.

🔹 If you have dealt with a bully, a difficult person and, or a difficult situation, you may have used up all of your energy and are wondering what’s the point?  What’s coming up next that you’ll have to deal with?

Your sense of you may have been eroded by someone else, and you may have forgotten how amazing you are, you may have forgotten the hopes and dreams you had, you may even have been doubting if it’s wise to have dreams at all, or

🔹 You have been so busy, your dreams have become lost in the ‘activities’ in your day, which is often crazy and chaotic, there is so much to do it’s easy to forget about dreams and then not having any becomes the new normal, or

🔹 It’s time for you to step into your wisdom, you have passed from maiden to mother and now you are passing from mother to wise woman, and the dreams you once had are not the same dreams that want to emerge from you now.  You have a feeling that as you are being called to create this new phase of your life, new dreams are coming forward.

Wherever you are there is healing power in dream boards 😊

🔷 First, your true dreams are REVEALED to you. You may be surprised at what your dream board looks like when you are finished creating it as it may be nothing like you thought it would, and yet it is totally, perfectly right for you.

🔷 Secondly, you CAPTURE the dreams that are important for you, the big ones and the small ones, you release those that are nice to have in favour of those that make your heart sing, you tweak and you refine and suddenly your dreams are alive on the board you have made.

🔷 Thirdly, you are so ALIGNED with your dream board it is effortlessly easy to spend time with it.  

Each day you look at and it instantly feels right for you ❤️

Because it is you 😊

It gives you momentum to take action, baby steps or big steps.

It gives you joy to spend a little time with it each day.

It reconnects you with you, and the healing process has begun. 😊

🔹 Your dream board doesn’t care about your starting place, (that sounds harsh doesn’t it? It isn’t meant to be) it doesn’t judge, it is simply delighted that you are there.

🔹 It has healing powers that are ready to spring into life, it is waiting for you to activate them, so they can do the work they are here to do.

🔹 If you have experienced the healing power of a dream board press reply and let me know 😊

🔹 If you want to activate the healing power of a dream board, or you simply love being creative and want to bring your dreams to life you can get your tickets here.

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