The Courageous Visibility Challenge

We start on Monday 21st May

Welcome 😊

So you are working hard at making your business work, you are working hard at delivering results your customers love, you know in your heart when you are one to one with a customer you can ABSOLUTELY change their life, for the better.


You know because this is your life purpose, it might not have always been, in fact it usually isn’t, and it is NOW!


Now you have knowledge, experience, expertise and an inability to NOT share your work.

If only you knew how, if only you could find the words, if only you knew what to say!



I understand that you want your words to make sense.  To appeal to their true self.


I understand that you want your words to be professional and not corporate.


You want you words to express your passion not desperation!


Is this you?


❔ Have you told yourself you will settle for a small business, growing it one person you can speak to at a time?

❔ Have you told yourself you will keep your job incase your business doesn’t quite get off of the ground?

❔ Are you NOT telling people about your business because you feel your message isn’t strong enough?

❔ Are you beating yourself up for struggling with telling the truth about your business.

❔ Are you beating  yourself up for not being ‘visible enough’ in your business?




11 years ago I qualified as a business coach and thought I knew who to expect my ideal client to be.  I soon learned I was wrong! What I found was business owners who were excellent at business and wanted support in their skills, their confidence, and their communications.

This turned into working with executives and business owners dealing specifically dealing with difficult situations and difficult people including bullying, of course it’s not called bullying in the boardroom, it’s called all manner of things but not bullying, which indeed it is!

Now I help people Speak Up for themselves in all sorts of ways, including family text messages, acrimonious childcare arrangement emails, bitter spouses imposing blanket no contact policies and much more.

Here is what I know for sure

  • You are safe to speak your truth,
  • You can speak your truth freely and easily
  • Practice is simple, safe and easy and I am going to show you how

So with that in mind I have a challenge for the member of The Courageous Community 😊


The Courageous Visibility Challenge

5 days to confidently speak your truth in your business…


Here’s what you will get

⭐ A daily Facebook live at 11:00 AM with the daily challenge

⭐ A daily email with the daily worksheet

⭐ A daily review each evening of successes from the day 😊 xx


This is for you if…


⭐ You’d like to be part of The Courageous Community

⭐ You are ready to take the 5 daily steps

⭐ You are ready to Speak Your Truth in Your Business


Are you ready?  Yes? Excellent,

Click here to register I look forward to seeing you there.

Love Karen


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