The Courage to be Present

You may go years without thinking about Courage or Presence, and without noticing you find yourself in a situation where you aren’t being fully you, you are shrinking, you aren’t speaking up, you aren’t being noticed, you aren’t being heard and then, the there is the last straw you declare:

RIGHT this has to stop, I’m going to


!! Be Fully Myself

!! Own my dance space (yes do think dirty dancing)

!! Speak up

!! Be heard

!! Be noticed

And you are SOOOO certain is true

And then you realise HOW am I going to do this?


And you wobble

Wobbles are excellent

Wobbles are signs, signs you have been

  • Too busy to notice your presence has been gradually reducing,
  • Giving your energy to others,
  • That it is time to reclaim your power,
  • That you are ready to be more fully YOU.

A wobble is the precursor to Courage, it’s a sign to get ready, you are ready for change.

You are ready to be present.

Presence has NOTHING to do with labels, it is NOT about


  • Being reserved
  • Anything about a Myers Brigg label beginning with an I
  • In fact labelling yourself introverted in any way at all
  • Ego
  • Arrogance, and it is definitely NOT about
  • Aggression

So WHAT did one client DO to overcome her wobble and step back into her presence?

ONE ~ She decided she had more presence when she had a PURPOSE.

Purpose is excellent for some and overwhelming for others.  Choose your level of purpose. You may be ready to step into your wisdom, into your soul mission.  You may be frustrated that you don’t know what your soul mission is. You may think soul mission pish!.

There is no right or wrong.  Only the purpose you have for you right now.

A way to find your purpose is to undertake all of your current actions with both purpose, and, your whole heart, in equal measure.

From here you will notice, what brings you joy, what benefits others, what is of use, and what is redundant.

My favourite clip from the film Evan Almighty would say:

If you pray for your purpose, does God give you your purpose or does he give you opportunity to find your purpose?

If you don’t know what your purpose is yet, take the opportunities to be purposeful 😊

And everytime you are, speaking, standing, being and acting on purpose you are indeed standing in your presence.

TWO ~ She decided she had more presence when she had a PROJECT.

Projects are excellent for two reasons:

  1. They stop us from going through the motions, from losing ourselves in the mundane, and
  2. Michael Port tells us that a successful business is nothing more than a series of completed projects, we can transfer this to a successful LIFE is nothing more than a series of completed projects.

What project are you currently working on, for YOU?  Not somebody else’s project, this is YOUR life, it’s YOUR project.

Your project indeed can be ‘Using Your Courage to have Presence’, it can also be a new hobby, new travels, new friendships, things that weave together the fabric of an amazing life.

THREE ~ She recognised presence in other people, in describing a recent experience she said …

A guest had been invited to a team meeting and she had presence, it was a visual thing, her body language, it was the knowledge she expressed, and the sense you got from her with her confidence.

Excellent, with this description she was able to reconnect with all of these qualities that she too had within her, and had forgotten belonged to her.

Who are your role models?  Who do you know who has presence?  True presence?

How do you describe the presence this person has? This answer isn’t difficult, it’s not complicated.  It’s not about overthinking, if someone has presence, trust your feeling, and start there.

If is a visual thing, how can you visually be present?

If it is a body language thing, how can you use your body language to be present?

If it is a knowledge thing, how can you share your knowledge freely? Yes you do have a lot of knowledge to share 😊

If it is a confidence thing, how can you demonstrate your confidence?

What is it for you?

This questions are SIMPLE  to answer, not always EASY to implement.

Don’t underestimate the courage it takes to make a pledge to yourself: ~

I Am Using My Courage to Stand in My Presence

I Am Using My Courage to Know What My Presence is for Me

I Am Using My Courage to Act with Purpose

I Am Using My Courage to Have a Project

I Am Using My Courage to Recognise Presence in Others AND

I Am Using My Courage to Utilise these Skills and Abilities I Have Within Me


I Am Courageous

I Am Heard

I Am Seen

I Am Respected, because

I Am ME, Fully, Truly, Honestly, Authentically, Genuinely, Joyously, Lovingly, Amazingly ME.

Love Karen

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