Quick Tips on Grounding

Quick Tips on Grounding

I recently asked the question in the group The Executive Strategy Room

What top tips would you to have?

And one of the first tips requested was ‘Quick tips on grounding’ so I am going to start there

Before I share a quick tip about grounding it’s good to know that if you type ‘What is grounding?’ into the Google search bar, the Google dictionary will define it as

‘Basic training or instruction in a subject’

This is quite interesting on its own, because although it’s not what we’re going to talk about today,

we can often go through our lives missing elements of grounding, we are missing elements of basic training or instruction in a subject.  

It’s often presumed that we must know everything about a subject because we are deemed competent by the way we display our actions within it.

Yet as an individual we can feel out of sorts, inside we feel that a part of our basic training or grounded is missing and we can’t quite put our finger on it.

As an example a friend of mine is a competent piano player, but wanted to take lessons to improve. Instead of starting with the level she is deemed to be, she wanted to take lessons from the beginning, she wanted to review the basics so she could be confident in her grounding and build her expertise from there.

This practice is excellent advice for any of us who feel out of sorts in a subject

And what I’m going to talk to you about today also really helps when we feel out of sorts with ourselves in any way

So grounding or earthing is

Putting your body indirect and uninterrupted contact with the Earth

If we think about the vitamin D we get from the sunshine, we can think of vitamin G as the vitamins we get from the Earth, by putting our body in direct contact with it

For me there are four types of grounding or earthing

  • 1.Ideal or maintenance type of grounding

And this means that regularly, if not daily, you take the opportunity to connect with the Earth

For example you always take your morning cup of coffee barefoot in the garden, or you always spend your Sunday mornings barefoot in the garden reading the Sunday papers, or maybe for you it’s once a week you walk barefoot on the beach when you walk your dog, so ideal grounding is regular and part of your healthy routines

You may start with grounding or earthing for pain or stress relief, or something urgent in the moment and then you move to ideal or maintenance grounding

Whatever it is you have found a way to include grounding into your practice in a place and time that regularly works for you


  • 2. Grounding or earthing for pain or stress relief

Dr Stephen Sinatra, Stephen T. Sinatra is a board-certified cardiologist specialising in integrative medicine. He is also a certified bioenergetic psychotherapist, recommends 40 minutes of direct contact with the Earth to help reduce stress and pain within our bodies and promote health.

You might not feel able to put 40 minutes a day into your diary but if you are poorly or in pain this may be one of the very things to help you


  • 3. Ad hoc grounding

Ad hoc grounding is also beneficial in line with other things that you do, that you know a good for you, that you also undertake on an Ad hoc basis.

Sometimes you play squash and sometimes you ground, sometimes you have a spa retreat and sometimes you ground, it becomes part of your toolkit for good health and connection with your mind, body, spirit that you regularly practice


  • 4. Quick grounding

Imagine you only had one minute to ground or Earth

You’re in a situation where it’s important for you to quickly restore and reconnect with your thoughts and energies

You can of course connect with your breathing

You can also practice grounding or earthing

You can of course do both


If you only have a minute you are unlikely to go outside to put your body in direct contact with the Earth uninterrupted

If you only have one minute you’re very unlikely to take your socks and shoes off, in most situations this is going to be very unusual and not appropriate

So how do you ground if you can’t practice grounding?

First of all you use the ground that you currently have

  • If you can, sit on the floor you where you currently are
  • If you can, lay on the floor where you currently are
  • At the very least connect with your feet on the ground where you currently are

This may not be directly with the Earth

This may be carpeted floor, it could be a pavement, it could be tiles, depending on your location the appropriate flooring will be in place, and this is unlikely to be the Earth

The next step is to imagine

The mind doesn’t know the difference between actuality and perception

Which is excellent news for us

We know this because our fight or flight response is regularly stimulated and this fight and flight response doesn’t know the difference, it doesn’t know that a sabre-tooth tiger is not in front of us it is merely an email

If an email, or equivalent, has the same power to trigger this stimulus as a sabre-tooth tiger the floor we are currently on can trigger the same stimulus as being connected directly with the Earth

If you would like to experience the not knowing the difference between actuality and perception there are a number of exercises you can do, one of which is the lemon exercise that you can practice here 

  • Imagine you are standing on your favourite part of the Earth

Whatever this is for you

It could be a sandy beach

It could be a gorgeous lawn

It could be your own garden

Whatever it is for you, truly connect with it

  • Imagine what the ground looks like,
  • Feel what the ground feels like,
  • Smell what the ground smells like.
  • Imagine your feet being directly on that ground,
  • Picture your feet naked, barefoot
  • Picture your feet with all of its life story upon them,
  • See all of the lumps and bumps from daily use,
  • Picture your feet whether they are pedicured or polished,
  • Picture your feet on this part of ground,
  • Picture yourself being connected,  
  • Remember what that connection feels like,
  • Imagine the Earth’s electricity, the Earth’s energy, the Earth’s life-force coming up through your feet,
  • Imagine your feet receiving this energy, receiving this life force,
  • And travelling from the sole to Earth connection, up through your calves, through your knees, through your thighs, and at least to the bottom of your spine, to your first chakra.

You can do this in one minute, you can do this without anybody knowing, you can do this regularly and often.

In fact I suggest you do

I suggest you practice grounding or earthing in this way regularly

And then if you ever need it, and I wish you don’t, you are practised and you know how to use this tool in your tool kit

Ideally you will practice grounding regularly as part of your mind body spirit health kit tool kit

If you find you are needing to ground because you have a difficult person or a difficult situation that drains your energy and you would like to regularly restore and reconnect with yourself then there are resources you can use in The Executive Strategy Room, please do come along and join us and see what there is for you.  There will be also additional resources in The Courageous Club which is coming soon.

If this top tip has been of use to you please do get in touch and let me know, your words and comments will help somebody else who is unsure of the benefits of earthing or grounding

And if you would like to request your own top tips please do let me know and I will create that for you

Love Karen xx

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