Last week I said ‘Dream boards have healing qualities, well a dream board does, not a mood board, more about that in another post’ today I share that post and the 3 ways they are both excellent AND different 😊

1️⃣ A mood board is useful to help you explore something you already know you want.  It is created around a set topic or project. The upside is that is a great first step in project preparation.  The downside is, what if that project doesn’t take you closer to your dreams?

A dream board has the power to both reveal and capture the dreams you may not yet know you want  A dream board has the power to take the dreams you know you have and seem too impossible to turn into a project and bring them to life.

A dream board doesn’t limit you to a series of projects, a dream board is limitless, it allows you to dream in any and all areas of your life in all its complexity, possibility, vibrancy and happiness.

2️⃣ A mood board is useful to help you explore a feeling you already know you want to have.  It is designed to evoke that feeling. The upside is that we rarely explore our feelings and even less rare to share the way we want to feel. The downside is inherent in the word mood

It’s temporary, and you don’t want your dreams to be temporary, you want them to be permanent, you want to be able to bring them to life and keep them for as long as you choose 😊  And when the word mood is used it’s easy to think of less than positive moods.

A dream board doesn’t limit how you want to feel, it is limitless.  It has the power to reveal to you what feelings are possible, in any and all areas of your life, it allows you to capture them it is abundant in the possibility for you 😊

3️⃣ A mood board is useful to help you share your project with someone who can help you achieve your project. You may share it with professionals such as an interior or graphic designer, a personal shopper or project manager.  The upside is this is a good tool. The downside is that there is no magic in this, and dream boards have magic ready to be released within them.

A dream board you don’t have to share with anyone unless you choose to, to allow your dreams to come true.  

A dream board is yours and yours alone.

And when you see opportunity ahead of you, you will know

…. Oh this is a step that could take me close to my dream …

◻️ and you take it,

◻️ in faith,

◻️ in confidence,

◻️ in certainty,

◻️ because this step is yours,

however many people you share your dream board with,

◻️ the steps you take cannot be delegated the steps you take are yours 😊

A mood board is a great tool.

A ladder is a great tool too.  There is no point of climbing the ladder of success, only to find it has been leaning against the wrong wall!

A dream board is a powerful tool, a magical tool, that reveals for you the walls that will build your dreams for you.

Love Karen

PS Coming up I will share with you some of the materials we will be using and sharing some of my dream board successes.

PPS get your tickets to dreamboard day at the beautiful Glendoick Garden Centre on Sunday 5th May here

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