It’s coming into that time of year again

The time where you are bombarded with planners*  

You are bombarded with messages such as

❕ You MUST make your resolutions by 31st December,

❕ You MUST hit the ground running,

❕ New Year ~ New You.


It is time to make plans because you are celebrating the return of the sun (or son), the return of the light, YOUR light 😊

Because of this bombardment, you often set SHOULD goals, goals society thinks you should set, your goals are subtly, or not so subtly dictated to you.  The very use of the word should, indicates that you are setting goals out of obligation or responsibility, goals that do not belong to you. Of course, you think they are your goals, why wouldn’t you want to have it all? And being resourceful and capable, you set out to achieve goals that you truly didn’t want to achieve in the first place, and gradually over time, you let the goals go, you naturally don’t achieve them.

The thing is SHOULD goals often come with a system you SHOULD use, the most popular being the SMART method, Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Timebound. Doesn’t reading it to yourself make you go all gooey and warm inside, you are just fired right up to achieve that goal? No, I thought not.  This system both drains you and limit’s you, if Whoopi Goldberg had used this method she would never have achieved her childhood dream of winning an Oscar! You let the goals go, we naturally don’t achieve them.

The thing is your brain is wired to let these goals go, as a human, you have two driving forces, one is pain and one is pleasure. Now if you are in a difficult situation (and you NEVER need to hit anyone else’s rock bottom) you may take enough action to get out of pain, as you do more to avoid pain than to achieve pleasure, and you certainly aren’t going to achieve pleasure from a goal that you think you ought to have, using a system you ought to use.

The good news is that is doesn’t have to be this way, you can get your goals your way, goals that look like you, feel like you, and sound like you because they are you.  

It is time to make plans because you are celebrating the return of the sun (or son), the return of the light, YOUR light 😊Make plans that YOU want to achieve, use a system that does fire you up to achieve your goal, and make sure you get pleasure every step of the way.

Love Karen
Love Karen

PS I shall be covering this and 8 other reasons why it’s human nature not to hit our goal in Timeless ~ The Principles for Focused Women to Create Success, (on 10th December) and more importantly, how to use this information to naturally achieve your goals. ~ you can find out more information here,

This will remain open until 31st December because as much as you would like to spend the time setting your goals to celebrate the return of your light, you are extraordinarily busy with the festive season.  As the season passes, and when you are ready, these principles will be there waiting for you, you never need to set a goal you SHOULD set again.

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10th December ~ Why it’s Human Nature Not to Hit Our Goals ~ And of course the best way to hit them Open until 31st December

* For completeness I love a planner and all things stationery, I simply do not attach my self-esteem and ability to achieve a goal by the type of planner I use

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