Lets play a compliment game

Leave a compliment ~ here some examples are

* You look nice ~ that’s a nice dress ~ shirt etc
* You smell nice
* You are a good listener
* I love your smile
* You are a great friend
* You’re inspirational

And much more

Take one of these compliments and use it freely

With someone you know
* Verbally ~ tell them
* Write a handwritten note and leave it for the person to find
* Write a letter and post it
* Send an email (NB remember yesterday was handwriting day 😂)

With someone you don’t know i.e
* A post it note or lipstick in a bathroom mirror
* Create a take a compliment poster and place in a public place

Come back and tell us your results ❤️

IMPORTANT ~ remember if someone pays you a compliment simply say Thank You and enjoy it 😊

Love Karen
Love Karen

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