The Principles for Focused Women to Create Success

I get it, You don’t want to do this anymore,
❕to go through the motions,
❕to dig deep to find energy and effort,
❕to put on a smile,
❕you don’t want to put that mask on every day,
❕you don’t want to deal with difficult people and situations that vehemently suck the life out of your day.


The the thing is it’s getting more difficult to ignore, and ignoring you have because acknowledging this fact is scary.
You enjoy the recognition of being busy, you enjoy the praise of being productive, you love being the person who can juggle a dozen high level projects and never drop a ball, you revel in being an overachiever, but that niggle is getting harder and harder to ignore, and you think the only way out is to see your GP or HR, and the thought of either of these terrifies you.
You are excellent at what you do, in fact you love it, you just hate it when people don’t do what they should do!
If everyone just did what they should do, things would run smoothly and you would have much less struggle and much more freedom, but you have no idea how to get that situation because you don’t know how you got into this one.
You wonder what went wrong, and worst of all, are your best years behind you?
We can absolutely reduce that terror, and completely possible to create a path through that confusion, you never need to have stress on your GP or HR records, we can focus on gently removing the mask and safely exploring what you do want, a life you love, and work that fulfils you.

Speak up ~ having the confidence to ask for what you really want, even if you don’t know what that is yet. The most powerful tool in speaking up you will ever need.

Stand up ~ having the boundaries that support you, and your loved ones
Show up ~ taking action in the most efficient way using the method most proven to create long term results
Shine ~ loving the work you do, and the life you live, leaving the legacy you choose
I get it I get it, You don’t want to do this anymore, and you don’t want to lose everything you have worked for.
You want to keep all you have and you can’t see a way to have it all.
You know you can keep doing what you are currently doing, but you also know that this is only going to get more difficult.
You know you COULD be true to yourself AND do the work you love.
Yes, you have done what others could not do, you have carried responsibility and obligation, unsupported for so long you are ready to exchange this for a future you are in control of, you want to be certain you are equipped with the right information to take the right actions, on the right path, so you never feel this way again.
This thing is that you haven’t got the time of money to waste in taking the wrong action, you want a proven system that you can work to get the results you earn.
✳️ Coaching, strategies, implementation plan, accountability and community.
✳️ 8 weeks to build strong foundations
✳️ Confidence
✳️ Boundaries
✳️ Action

✳️ Results

I’m on your team

I work with stressed professionals to help and support them in stepping away from their personal cliff edge and get back in control again, allowing them to feel safe and certain again, so that they regain control, and deal with the difficult person or situation, to confidently speak their truth and fall in love with their work again.
I have worked with clients who are afraid to go to work, afraid to go home and everything in between, from self-harm to anger management issues, PTSD and much more.
Whilst these are the headline clients (you won’t find a testimonial as confidentiality is a large part of our working together), I also work with those who dread meetings, speaking up at work, afraid of confrontation, are on long-term sick, keep getting passed over for promotion, are on personal improvement plans, being managed out, and those who have lost their mojo.
I work with them to build their confidence to speak up for themselves with ease, to set boundlessness without fear of recrimination. to take action in the most efficient way and to have them fall in love with their work again.
This experience comes from my work for franchises, national industries, pre and post-privatisation, local government, limited companies, international organisations, and held the post of company director and company secretary, and what they all have in common is people!!
There isn’t a scenario, good or bad, office politics or not, that I haven’t seen. People bring their life into work and take their work home, I use my love of people skills and strategy to safely guide you away from their personal cliff edge and get back in control again, allowing them to feel safe and certain again.

Let’s talk about our time together …

What I am going to teach you is what I teach all of my one-to-one clients, everyone starts here, because when you understand the power of these tools, the foundation is built quickly and with such strength you can achieve any goal you set your mind to achieve.
I created this programme so you would avoid the fear of going home or the fear of going to work as many of my clients have, so that you can honour the I Don’t want to do this anymore feeling before it gets too late.
I created it so you have confidence in creating your personal structure and processes, so you can be right in implementing procedures that bring you the success you want.
What you get is a safe space, that is your home to work on these proven principles, and I’m by your side the whole way.

Let me tell you a little more


Starting in December 2018 for those who want to end the year on a high, and those who want to start 2019 with the Right Foundations

For those who want to get off the hamster wheel, and those who want to stop going further in the wrong direction

This is NOT one size fits ALL programme ~ this is  Your  PERSONAL plan, and I guide you through it every step of the way.

In bite sized chunks, with regular contact you will leave each session with a personal action you can immediately implement.

This isn’t a course you buy, start with good intentions and fizzle out, it is not designed to sit on a shelf, it is hands on, it is to gracefully take one step at a time and speak, up., stand up, show up and shine. 


 Star Outline icon Its Human Nature not to achieve our goals!! When you know why this is you can give yourself a break and this is itself is a joy to many. Using this information you can create a plan that works for you, that you find easy to follow and will bring  you your success.

Star Outline icon Expectations can lead us astray, what expectations to expect, and what ones to let go of, clearing your way for enjoying the foundations you build. 

Star Outline icon There are always Ground Rules, and you like to know what they are and how to apply them, it can be scary to personalise them, wondering what  you should be doing, I’ll share the ground rules and guide you in personalising them. 

Star Outline iconWhat i’s Not About is just as important as what it is about.  This gives you permission to let go of what doesn’t work for you, what doesn’t serve you or others, what doesn’t bring  you joy and basically what simply doesn’t belong to you, freeing you up focus on your foundations for you. 

Star Outline iconIt’s important to be on the Right Track, at the Right Time for the Right Reasons, because the opposite of this isn’t working anymore, you are stepping into your wisdom, stepping into your future and stepping into you. 

What do you actually get?


Facebook Logo icon Opening soon ~ Facebook group for you to introduce yourself, get to know me and get to know the excellent company you are in.

Calendar With OK Sign icon5th December ~ Welcome ~ The best way to maximise this course ~ it’s easier than you think 

Video on Demand icon Welcome ~ Introduction ~ Live in the Facebook group| what to expect and Q&A (date to be confirmed)

Calendar With OK Sign icon10th December ~ Why it’s Human Nature Not to Hit Our Goals ~ And of course the best way to hit them

Calendar With OK Sign icon13th December ~ Why beating yourself up never works and what works instead.

Question Mark in a Chat Bubble iconQ&A ~ Live in the Facebook group, about anything we have covered so far, and what has been coming up  for you. submit your questions in advance if you have prior commitments. (date to be confirmed)

Calendar With OK Sign icon17th December ~ The style  to apply  to achieve any goal

Christmas Tree icon It’s Christmas ~ no modules ~ have a ball ~ make memories with your family 

Christmas Tree iconIt’s New Year ~ relax knowing you are already starting 2019 on the right foundations

Calendar With OK Sign icon3rd January ~ The ground rules ~ for the new year ~ for the new you

Video Call icon Book your one to one session ~ discuss your personal plan, how can I help you what support do you want and,or need? (date to be released nearer the time)

Calendar With OK Sign icon7th January ~ What we are NOT about part one ~ yes there are two parts!!

Calendar With OK Sign icon10th January ~ What we are Not about part two ~ you are ready to let go of more

.Question Mark in a Chat Bubble iconQ&A ~ Live in the Facebook group, about anything we have covered so far, and what has been coming up  for you. submit your questions in advance if you have prior commitments. (date to be confirmed)

Calendar With OK Sign icon14th January ~ The format of success ~ there are three ways ~ I share the easiest, most powerful way

Calendar With OK Sign icon17th January ~ Achieving your goals takes energy ~ where has yours gone ~ how to get it back 

Sort Up icon Catch up week, how can I help you?  You tell me 

Calendar With OK Sign icon21st January ~ It’s important because …

Calendar With OK Sign icon24th January ~ If it’s simple why isn’t it easy ~ and how can it be?

Video Call icon Book your one to one session ~ discuss your personal plan, how can I help you what support do you want and,or need? (date to be released nearer the time)

Facebook Logo icon31st January ~ the group will stay open until 31st January ~ it will then be archived so you can still access the materials you need. 




You WON’T  see the usual testimonials here, I respect the privacy of those I work with as I will respect yours

What I’m going to teach you, is what I teach ALL of my clients, these foundations will not only 

  • Help you get OUT of a difficult situation

It will also 

  • Stop you getting IN to a difficult situation

In the future, most importantly these foundations will


  • Help you achieve ANY goal you set your mind to.

Yes it’s scary, investing yourself, much easier to invest in academic course where there is a right or wrong answer, a black or white way of doing things. 

Yes it is scary to find to your own way, to learn about yourself, to write your personal plan, and this is also where the reward it, where you find a life well lived, not the perfect, Instagram life, your life your true life, and remember you are not alone, I’m with you all the way 💜


Does this sound like you?

✅ Executives, Directors, Managers, Business owners, leaders who are ready to quell the fear that comes from I don’t want to do this anymore.
✅you are ready to trust the process and do the work
✅you are ready to get a little uncomfortable in a safe environment
✅you are ready to get off the ‘This is the Year’ dream of New Years resolutions and lay some strong lifetime foundations
✅You are ready to step into your future of a life that you love and work that fulfils you
✅You’re looking for accountability, to support you in your journey

❎You’re comfortable with your current level of fear,

❎Or still in denial, it’s not got bad enough for you yet (PS you never need to hit anyone else’s rock bottom)
❎You’re afraid if of change, even beneficial ones
❎You blame others for your current situation and circumstances
❎You are happy with the variety of excuses you use, to help you manage your situation
❎You want an qualification for being yourself
❎You want a quick fix, just give me the content and don’t expect me to do the work
❎This feels right for you, you are just now ready, and for this we wish you love and peace, I am here when you are ready 💜
Does this REALLY work?

Absolutely, this works, of course the results you have will depend on how much work you also do. It’s the synergy of the two parts that create the results you desire.

How much time will it take?

There will be some daily work and weekly work, none of it intended to be onerous, you will leave every session with something you can immediately implement.

Will any changes affect my family?
Any change you do or don’t take will affect those around you, I teach you to change in ways you are comfortable with, allowing you to be considerate of others.
Do I have to go on camera?

For the main part no. For our one to one calls yes, if we were meeting in a meeting room we would be able to see each other. You don’t need any special equipment, you may have a PC with a webcam you are familiar with, if you your smartphone will be perfect too.

Can I join at any time?

You can register for the next round at any time, each round starts together, it’s a small safe community that allows me to support you best.

Is it woo woo?

That depends on what you think woo woo is, everything I share is backed by evidence, I don’t share the studies because studying the studies won’t help you, implementing the action in a safe supported way will.

How do I sign up?

Click here, or another other ‘Yes I’m Ready’ buttons on this page.

Got a question I didn't answer?

If you have a question I haven’t answered, click here to fill out the contact form and I will answer you personally, I look forward to hearing from you.

Feedback from recent on~site group training days

The whole session was very enlightening and if I can implement my action plan it
will make me feel a lot better about my life at work an at home.

I would 100% recommend Karen to other colleagues and peers, definitely.

Excellent day, very informative and empowering.

Karen was very prepared, very well researched. 

Positive, productive, empowering and inspirational ❤️ 😊

Made me think about making changes for the better.

If you are ready to lay those foundations YOUR foundations for true success, come and join us, I look forward to supporting you all the way.

Love Karen xx