Mingle, Reflect, Dream, Capture, Share and Enjoy 

Dreamboard Day

 Glendoick Gadren Centre ~ Sunday 5th May 2019


Having the honour and joy of delivering Dreamboard Day many times, the people who attend can be

~ Curious to find out what a dream board is,

~ Just happy to have a lovely day out, or

~ Ready to see all their dreams in one place,

Whatever it is for you come a join us for Dreamboard Day, you see …

💢   Most people have loads of hopes and dreams about their relationships, the families they will have, the careers and the work they love to do, the houses in which they will live, the memories they will make and the success they want to enjoy on every level.  

This can be really exciting for them and yet and overwhelming all at the same time, and if they aren’t sure how to juggle them all, they can end up exhausted and it’s easier to give u

💢   Some people think they have a have a lovely life, but have an inkling something may be missing and wonder what else is there to be dreamed of, they are looking for inspiration, an opportunity for their dreams to be revealed to them.

💢   Other people are so busy their dreams have become lost in the ‘busy’ activities in their day, which is often crazy and chaotic, there is so much to do and it can be an emotional roller coaster, this becomes the norm because thats a day in the life of an woman looks like… it’s easy to forgot about goals and then not having any becomes the new normal.

Days, weeks, months and years, can go by and the dreams are forgotten, they want to reconnect with them or they fear it will be too late.

Whatever it is for you, come a join us for Dreamboard Day.

I’m dreaming with you ..

Well not on the day!

On the day I’m there to share with you all I know

I’ve made many Dreamboards with the best teachers and not the best teachers, and I’ve brought this all together to share with you.

I’ve delivered this day for my clients many times and it is always ends with a glowing response, and this is my wish for you.

What other people have said about my Dreamboard Day is ….


Hi Karen,

Would have loved to have come to your ‘Dream Board Day’ but that weekend we are doing our last stage of the West Highland Way for work. So we are both disappointed as my wife was interested in attending too.

 What I would like to do though is write a testimonial for you.

As I type this I’m looking at my board and can list 7 things that I’ve accomplished already. (I can expand on that). Take care, love to Kenny and Hollie.

Your friend 

Dreamboard Day

Glendoick Gadren Centre ~ Sunday 5th May 2019

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⭐ In the lovely relaxed atmosphere of the conservatory, surrounded by the beautiful greenery of Glendoick Garden Centre, you will mingle, reflect, dream, capture, share and enjoy, accompanied by gorgeous cake, soup and sandwiches.

⭐ The day will include the space to dream and guidance on creating your own Dreamboard, a place you can pin your dreams and goals to, to keep them at the front of your mind, so you can see them every day, to remind and inspire you, staying connected to what you are doing and why you are doing it.

⭐ A picture in your head is great and so is writing your goals but actually creating it in real life is even better because you are giving clear and detailed instructions to the universe. It’s also a great motivational tool on a day to day basis to remind you what you are working towards. 

When I look at my dream board I notice and things I have accomplished so far.

I consider my board not to be some magical portal or mirror that gives me all the answers, but as a booster for my memory, my subconscious. I look at my board and it reminds me of all the things I want to accomplish.

Placed in a strategic position in my study I look at it daily but now as I count up all the pictures and images that represent what I’ve achieved it’s a great feeling. There are more things on my board but perhaps my subconscious knows these are not for me right now.

Enjoy your dream board and given time, I’m sure you will be amazed at the results.

⭐  Are you ready to get into dream mode?  To capture your dreams, to have new dreams revealed to you, to become aligned with those dreams?

 Are you ready to get creative in capturing your dreams and ready to stay connected with them?

⭐  Are you ready to let the magic happen and have your dreams come true?

Here’s what you get!


⭐ A warm welcome in beautiful surroundings, with tea, coffee and cake

⭐ Why a Dreamboard?  Is it Hocus Pocus, is it Science, you decide 💛

⭐ Bringing your dreams to life with a heap of magazines of all varieties for your consideration.

⭐ Soup and a sandwich in the award winning Glendoick Garden Centre Cafe which has been voted  ‘U.K. Garden Centre Cafe of the Year’ four times: 2013, 2010, 2008 and 2006. (Garden Retail Awards)

⭐ Creating ~ I supply a selection of poster board,  scissors, glue, glitter, and coloured pens.

⭐ A celebration of the boards you have made and the friendships you have formed.

And of course

⭐ You take away your Dreamboard to use as you wish 💛


Dreamboard Day

Mingle, Reflect, Dream, Capture, Share and Enjoy 

Glendoick Gadren Centre ~ Sunday 5th May 2019


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About Karen

I’m, Karen Mary WIlson – I’m a personal development coach and mentor, and for my clients, friends and family I run Dreamboard Days. 

I started my business and management training with an nationalised industry, back in they day when they were a thing, qualifying in Business and Finance.

I went on to qualify in the public sector via The IRRV – Institute of Revenues Rating and Valuation, then onto the public sector, qualifying with my AFPC Advanced Financial Planning Certificate and much more, before holding the position of Company Director and Company Secretary with colleagues in our Limited Company.

My love of learning, and qualifying runs alongside my love of people, I’ve been the Membership Secretary for both the Life and Pensions Group Glasgow and the Association of Scottish Businesswomen.

And I’ve been helping people build their confidence in the workplace, all the way up to dealing with bullies in the boardroom since qualifying as a Business Coach in 2007, so I know my stuff!

Many professionals have learned how not to be afraid to go to work, how not to be afraid to go home, about how to speak up for themselves, how to stand up for themselves, and falling in love with their work again, from our one to one work together.

I’ve completed marathons, broken boards and firewalked. You are in safe hands.

Love Karen xx


Dreamboard Day

Mingle, Reflect, Dream, Capture, Share and Enjoy 

Glendoick Gadren Centre ~ Sunday 5th May 2019


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Hi Karen,

Thank you very much for today, I really enjoyed it and think that the session has helped me understand much better the place I want to get to.

I can’t wait to see what route will unfold to get me there!

My dreamboard is going to be framed in a prominent location at home.

So that I have it in the office and always to hand, it is also my computer desktop background!

Many thanks again!

Really intend to be there – was a great day last year – and looking at the board, there have been some very interesting realisations!


Dreamboard Day

Mingle, Reflect, Dream, Capture, Share and Enjoy 

Glendoick Gadren Centre ~ Sunday 5th May 2019


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