Coaching with Karen

One month, full focus and attention on YOUR situation,

weekly email support, consolidation and celebration


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Being an adult can be relentless at times, you are intelligent, educated, articulate and so much more and yet …

Something’s not quite right, this might manifest in your world as

💢 Losing your mojo,

💢 Losing your direction

💢 Losing your identity,

💢 Losing yourself

💢 Increasing frustration

💢 Decreasing patience and

💢Feeling trapped in life as you know it

What used to be fulfilling isn’t anymore, what you used to be able to take in your stride you now want to tell to f*** off, you want to move into a more organic part of you and less alpha male, and you still want to be successful.

But you don’t know where to turn, you are not ready for hippy woo woo sh*t, although you’ve an inkling there might be something to it, but hey who has the time to find that out.

You want to talk to someone but you don’t want counselling or therapy

You want to talk to someone but you don’t want to be committed to a ‘Programme’ or an ‘Investment’

For the love of god, is there not someone you can Just Talk To?

Someone, who will not think you are a crazy lady, someone who won’t run away if you put your situation into words in an email.

Because you know you’ve got a solution to your situation, you feel you are on the right track, you have ideas and understanding and you are ready to put things right BUT

❗You don’t have time energy or patience to do the wrong thing

❗You can’t be asked going in the wrong direction

❗You just want to speak to someone who get you

Someone who has helped people out of difficult situations, helped people dealing with difficult people, in a Can Do manner

You want to know, you can put your puzzle pieces together, you are on the right track, AND

You are Supported 😊

I’m supporting you

I’ve been helping people out of difficult situations since 2007. Including the most dreadful situations,

  • People afraid to go to work, 
  • People afraid to go home, and
  • Everything in between

NB  As you would expect all of this work is confidenctial

Over the years this work has led me to teaching courage,  

The courage to speak up for yourself, stand up for yourself, and show up for yourself.

With these skills you never need to be afraid, you are completely safe to be yourself.

What other people have said about my work is ….


“Hooray! I NEED this 💛thank you Karen”

“Take Karen up on this! She is BRILLIANT!”

“You offer awesome value”

Can you imagine…

What it would be like to have two people working on YOUR goal?

You get to really EXPLAIN your situation, AND

Most importantly you get to thoroughly explore what you REALLY want.

You now have someone on your side, someone who supports you, who checks in with you, who doesn’t let you fall behind.

You never really fall behind, but you hate that feeling of letting yourself down, now that won’t happen because we are in touch often, daily if this works best for you.

A whole month dedicated to you, this is plenty of time to implement a new habit, time to allow for curve balls, and time to create your success.

Someone to share the ‘What just happened?’ moments, and the celebrations 😊

Someone to congratulate you and say, ‘WOW, look what you have done’, ‘You, my lovely, have just achieved your own personal success 💜’.


“I love the way you talk positively! Great example! This is a skill I would like to develop x ”

“Thanks Karen! I would never have posted this on my FB page tonight if I hadn’t listened to your challenge videos! I resist ‘blowing my own trumpet’ because it feels uncomfortable- but you’re SO right! We have to share the positives!”

The content Karen is delivering is flipping awesome too !! I knew Karen was good !! But wow !!! Xxx

Here’s what you get!


⭐ 1 hour online meeting ~ Full Focus and attention on YOUR goal


⭐ The  meeting is recorded so you can listen to it back at your leisure ~ you will pick up something new each time you listen to it back


⭐ Weekly email communication and support


⭐ 20 minute follow up call for consolidation and celebration 😊


Coaching with Karen

One month, full focus and attention on YOUR situation,

weekly email support, consolidation and celebration

£99 Now only £48.50

YES I’m Ready


About Karen

Expert at getting you out of a difficult, sticky situation, especially as you are unlikely to know how you, as in intelligent educated adult ended up in it!

When the plates you are spinning start falling, and your panic sets in, you know burnout is around the corner, but your overwhelm paralyses you with fear, I can help.

With my natural talent as a people person I put YOU first, supported by 22 years experience in public and private sector, and 10 years coaching, I’ve seen and navigated every office politics situation and personal trauma there is, I can help.

My lifetime love of personal development, before it was a section in the bookshop, and many lifetime experiences, means I give you a proven toolkit of tips and techniques you can immediately implement, so you don’t need to go to your GP or HR to sign you off with stress because you are terrified you will irreparable damage your career.

A fire-walker, board breaker, marathoner, survivor, mum, partner, daughter and friend, I assure you there is strength in me for both of us and you need never be in this situation again.


Coaching with Karen

One month, full focus and attention on YOUR situation,

weekly email support, consolidation and celebration

£99 Now only £48.50

YES I’m Ready