There are many benefits of speaking up for yourself although a lot of us think that speaking up for ourselves is something we are quite good at that we don’t need to give it any thought, so here are three ways clients have benefited from speaking up for themselves in the recent past.

1 ~ on daily basis. If this is going to be YOUR YEAR, and I truly hope it is, saying this to yourself on a daily basis will help you enormously, what you say and how you say it has a huge impact in the success you have in your goals.

2 ~ with a particular person. There are some people who can just push your buttons, some people you come away from feeling bad about yourself and people who, with hindsight, you wish you had a response for, you know three hours (or longer) later you are still thinking ‘I wish I’d said ……….’

3 ~ about a particular subject. There are somethings you just DON’T want to talk about, and somethings you DO. Some people think they have a hold over you if they were to bring up ‘x’ subject. You know you are over this situation, it is in the past and circumstances have changed, you have moved on, they haven’t. Or you have a dream, an idea, a passion you want to share and don’t know how to do so, and you feel the pressure of it remaining within you, rarely coming to life in the real world.

What can you do in any of these situations?

1 ~ practice, always make sure you have a collection of things you can say to yourself about what it is you want to achieve and use these often.

2 ~ prepare a couple of responses in advance (remember we always address issues professionally not personally) and practice saying them, so when you are in this situation it comes naturally to you.

3 ~ prepare a single response to close down subjects you don’t want to talk about and look for opportunities to talk about what you do want to talk about. Break what you want to talk about into smaller parts, you may be given the opportunity to have a short conversation about one part of it on a regular basis.

Practice these ways and let me know how you get on, I always love hearing from you and also let me have your questions so I can answer them for you in a future blog on your personal quest for success.

Love Karen xx

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