Courageous Visibility Mastermind

Only for women who are ready to speak their truth
in their business & get AMAZING results!

This Incredible Live 4 Week Mastermind begins Tues 5th June

I see you, working hard at getting everything right.  You work hard at getting the right qualifications! You work hard at getting the right technology!  You work hard at getting the right opportunities!

I know you’re overwhelmed by getting the right puzzle pieces in the right places and not getting anywhere because you just don’t know how to talk about your business truthfully.

  • Maybe you’re transitioning from one business service to another – maybe not sure which one to talk about – and are you talking to your current clients?  Or your future clients?
  • Maybe you would love to o build the next phase in your business but your current clients are paying you just enough to stay in your current phase – and even though you know it’s not your dream, you are resigned to the easy option.
  • Maybe you are in an industry that others are successful in, but not speaking truthfully about, and this doesn’t feel comfortable for you.

No wonder you are overwhelmed!

I understand it is easier to not talk about anything,and feels easier to  just stick to those mismatched puzzle pieces feeling deflated.

Does this sound like you?

❕ Are you feeling confused in what to say about your business?

❕ Do you compare yourself to others and how easily they talk about their business?

❕ Do you feel you’d be amazing at your business – if only you knew what to say?

❕ Are you afraid of saying the wrong thing?

❕ Are you afraid of being embarrassed if someone ask you something you don’t know?

❕ Are you afraid of seeming unprofessional in the way you talk about your business?

❕ Do you sometimes get your words and messages mixed up?

❕ Do you find organising your messaging overwhelming?

❔ Would you just love it to be easy to know what to say and when?

❔ Would you love to be part of a supportive community where you can join other women taking the courageous step about speaking their truth in their business? A safe place where you can ask questions, get help and be supported without overwhelm?
If you have just said yes to any of the above then you’re in the right place.

Everything happens for a  reason – you found us to help grow your business and reach those dreams.

“Be strong, be fearless, be beautiful. And believe that anything is possible when you have the right people there to support you. ”
~ Misty Copeland ~ 

Join the Courageous Visibility Mastermind TODAY and start speaking your truth in your business and never get tongue tied again.

I love this! ❤️🌟 I must start my wordrobe!

Hooray! I NEED this 💛thank you Karen
This ISN’T just another Online Course, this is YOUR own Mastermind.
Yes I will provide content and guidance AND this is YOUR Mastermind, where you get to make the information REAL to you:

💜 Real words,
💜 Real truth,
💜 Real practice,
💜 Real Support.

“Take Karen up on this! She is BRILLIANT!”

“You offer awesome value”

“Thanks Karen! I would never have posted this on my FB page tonight if I hadn’t listened to your challenge videos! I resist ‘blowing my own trumpet’ because it feels uncomfortable- but you’re SO right! We have to share the positives!”

Why trust me?

I’ve been in every kind of business environment, from Nationalised Industry, to Local Government, from Small Business, to International Blue Chip.  Employee  to Company Director. I’ve collected overpaid money to designed portfolio’s investing millions of pounds.

There isn’t an industry I don’t know and understand the politics of.

But most importantly, I teach people to share their truth

From Business Coaching to Bullying in the Boardroom, I help people speak up, stand  up and show up as themselves.

Over the last eleven years, I’ve helped people deal with their greatest fear in the workplace and their greatest fear in their home life:

Being Themselves and Speaking Their Truth Freely
What You Get 

💜 A Community of Courageous Women speaking their truth –  you are not alone, you are fully supported.

💜 Other eyes and ears on your truth, supporting and encouraging you to speak freely

💜 Amazing content every week for 4 weeks

💜 An invaluable WEEKLY Live Mastermind Call –  your space to have ALL of your questions answered and to set your intentions for your message.

💜 Recorded Masterclasses for you to review and receive new insights into advice, options and support provided.

💜 Access to private Facebook group where you are supported daily

Your Investment

Courageous Visibility
For women who are ready to speak their truth in their business and get amazing results

Are you ready to join us?

Value of all the above: £397

Secure your seat by the 4th June for only £132
Yes, I would love to secure a place!

BONUS  ~ Secure one of the first six seats for just £99.00!

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“I love the way you talk positively! Great example! This is a skill I would like to develop x ”

Courageous Visibility
For women who are ready to speak their truth in their business and get amazing results

Ready to join us?

Value £397

Secure your seat by 4th June for only £132

Yes, I want to secure my seat!

BONUS  ~ Secure one of the first six seats for only £99.00!!!!

Yes, I want to secure my seat!

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