Welcome to Quest for Success. And finding out how I can help you.

I’m Karen Wilson. I’m a qualified business coach and I’m a qualified personal development coach. I coach many, many business owners, executives, directors and senior managers who are in deep and desperate situations.

If you’ve met me at a networking event, you may be here poking around to see what I really do. Hello, it’s nice to see you again. If you have any questions please do get in touch.

More importantly if you have found me on your own or have been recommended you probably want some help right now. The thing is you don’t know what help you want and you don’t have time to get the wrong help. Besides am I going to know you well enough to answer the real questions that you have going your head.

  • Will she think I’m Crazy?
  • Can she work with me?
  • Has she experience of dealing with my situation?

Let’s answer these now

I’m going to think you are crazy right?

No I’m not, no situation is crazy if it is real to you and you are living it. Yes I have heard some unique and individually stories, that doesn’t make them crazy. Yes I’ve read some traumatic ‘my story’ emails that have me walking away from my PC. Yes I read some harrowing my story’ emails that break my heart. Yes I’ve always worked with these individuals and they have found both success and peace.

But crazy? No, you are not crazy.

Can I work with you?

Yes I can, how do I know, because we create your plan together, we go at your pace, some people need a change in their situation sooner rather than later some take baby steps. Some people need a real meeting face to face, and interaction with another human being, some people love the internet, it’s almost as good as a real meeting face to face.

You see whatever you need is whatever you get, that is how it works for you.

Have I got experience of dealing with your situation?

Yes. I’ve worked for local government for blue chip companies as a company director and company secretary and I own my own business. I also have a life a home and family. Each of these situations carries the possibility that your work or life won’t suit you at some time, for any reason at all you can be afraid of going to work and you can be afraid of going home. Not only am I qualified as a business coach and a personal development coach, I have many years experience helping many people out of their terrible situation.

Is this your current situation?

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